An Introduction…

Starting this blog

I am starting this blog to share with you my trip in Art through painting and sketching. I won’t pretend I am a massively talented artist or that I have some really sophisticated and in depth studies in art. I have none of these. However, I have a long lasting desire for creation and I have the gift to be inspired by those small things around us that people usually miss in the madness of daily life.


My aim is not to teach you; I am not an arts tutor. My aim is to motivate you and to inspire you! I am writing for those who would really love to grab a pencil and bring a simple stick man to life… 




I will be sharing my sketches and paintings, the good and the bad ones. Hopefully, we will be able to explore art through this “timeline” and you will have the chance to learn from my mistakes. What I gain from this?

For me it’s a live diary to keep my work organised and hopefully get some feedback from the public. My posts will be short and easy to follow. Hopefully, I will be able to post weekly as my trip through art carries on…

Welcome to:
“A trip through painting and sketching…the beginning”


Next article: WHAT IS ART FOR YOU?




28407451_1162363890564038_455176961_oArt is more fun when you meet the artists themselves. Meet the man behind the  scenes. Visit THE ARTIST… 




Feeling artistic already?

Online Gallery


Love Painting & Sketching



Does this sound useful? What would you like to read in the next article?

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2 thoughts on “AN INTRODUCTION…

  1. Wow! I’m amazed and very thankful to find another creative who is journaling their progress online! You have a great blog here…very inspirational. Thank you for sharing!


    1. Hi Anni! Thank you very much! I appreciate that for a beginner artist it can be quite frustrating until they establish their technique and style. Every bit of advice surely is helpful so I decided to put that in some blog posts! I ll be updating these the following weeks, along with my paintings and sketches. Stay in touch!


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