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For some people the starting point of their relationship with painting or sketching is well defined and obvious. Possibly, it was a fact or situation in their life that inspired them to grab a few pencils or brushes and unfold their thoughts on a blank piece of paper. For others that start coincided with the start of a more comprehensive art education course. However, breaking down the meaning of art and having a quick flashback you will realise that everyone’s relationship with art starts at a much earlier stage.


Considering that main component of art’s definition is “Expression” then even the earliest creations of a toddler can be included in the long list of works of art.  This might even be considered offensive by artists who have spent their lives developing their technique and knowledge however…art is not a priviledge for the good and skillful.


Somewhere in between the toddler’s misproportionate and flat drawings and the deeply meaningful art of well respected artists lies a huge amount of people. Those are the people who feel the same urge to express themselves and put all their love into their creations; as a toddler does, but unlike the famous artists they lack the skill to achieve an impressive outcome…yet.


Keep in mind that no matter your skill level, art is all about expression. Skill can be built through constant practice and observation.  In the next article we will be exploring what makes us slightly better than a toddler regarding sketching and painting. The following weeks we will be breaking that down to simpler steps using examples of my own work and mistakes I made. You won’t actually believe…it’s so simple but so important.


Remember…Art doesn’t have to be impressive and it doesn’t have to have loads of followers. Focus on improving your technique and mainly focus on hainvg fun!

Previous Article: AN INTRODUCTION



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