Let’s make a plan

Let’s make a plan…

Drawing better in a few weeks

It’s a fact that as a beginner artist your first sketches and drawings will not be as precise and “nice” as you would like them to be. In the previous article we tried to understand the reason why our sketches look “childish”. And the answer to that can be summarised in these three words:

  • Perspective
  • Proportion
  • Tone

These three aspects will be our main topic of discussion for the next few weeks. We will break them down and explore how you can easily incorporate these into your drawings! I am sure you will love them exactly as I did a few years ago when I saw my drawings improving instantly!

We will simplify it in a way that after some practice you will get excited about the improvement of your drawings and you won’t stop sketching boxes, bottles and chairs…trust me, I ve been there before.

This is the base for sketching anything you fancy really!


Perspective will be our first topic. The next three weeks will be devoted to perspective, followed by a week for exercise. Each week we will be dealing with a different aspect of perspective.

  1. Perpective, basic principles
  2. Looking from above, looking from below
  3. Horizon, make your sketches stand out
  4. Exercise

The next article is already under way and  will be published early next week.


Love Painting & Sketching


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Does this sound useful? Let me know what you would like to read next!

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