BETH – 2


After being on holidays and missing my life drawing classes for two weeks I was happy to be back and get my charcoal and papers again! To my disappointment, in absence of a new model, our tutor had to invite the same girl we had a few weeks ago. However, she did a new pose for us and that was a good opportunity for me to practice despite working on a familiar body.


Another benefit of having the same model is that we can now compare my progress after a couple of classes (see work from previous classes with Beth here: BETH). I believe it is really helpful to quickly sketch the outline of the body and pay some attention to maintaining correct proportions and making sure things align as they should do (finding relationships between parts of the body and ensuring the are drawn roughly in the right place).

Once we have this first draft-structure on our paper we can then go back and start taking more precise measurements and check if the angles of what we have drawn are correct. In my point of  view is much easier to spot a mistake when you actually have something drawn on your paper rather than trying to guess where things go.


  1. Draw it
  2. Review it
  3. Correct it


I acknowledge that my face sketching skills need loads of improvement so in Monday’s class I made sure I spent about 10 minutes sketching the models face. The results as expected are not amazing. However, that was a good start and the face I created…looks like a face! I ll be working on faces the following months! Here are pictures from the class:




28407451_1162363890564038_455176961_oThe Artist says:

“I recently decided to attend Life Drawing classes; all the work produced during these classes can be found in this collection.

The sketches here are not necessarily finalised pieces of work; this is not my intention anyway. This collection mainly aims to provide with a timeline showing how my work improves as I attend more and more classes. Hopefully, building up experience and skill will be reflected on the quality of my sketches.”


Art is more fun when you meet the artists themselves! Visit THE ARTIST…



Love Sketching & Painting


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