After three long weeks of no drawing classes due to the Easter break, yesterday evening we gathered again at the Bath Artists Studios for another very fruitful session…with a new model this time!

Yesterday we had the chance to draw Tess, a young girl of medium height and with a well weighted body. Our tutor highlighted that the main focus during that session should be on the shape of the muscles when they stretch or they contract. The tutor asked Tess to do 3 short poses (about 5mins each) where she would either stretch her arms upwards or bend to the front so her back muscles have a more sculpted shape.

For the long pose the model was sat on a stool on a table. I had a very interesting position as this time my horizon (eyes level – read more here) was lower than my subject. Also, the crossed legs of the pose were a challenge for me, especially considering that the foreshortening of the front leg distorted slightly the proportions (see bottom photograph).

…the foreshortening of the front leg distorted slightly the proportions…

Unfortunately,  i didn’t have the time to complete the shape of the head or the tones in that area. However this should not be a problem as we will have the same model for the next two weeks. I managed to add tone to the body and that is a personal success as have recently struggled to complete a drawing within the time available during class. I am really looking forward to challenging myself the next weeks adding more detail to my work!

See work from previous sessions: LIFE DRAWING


28407451_1162363890564038_455176961_oThe Artist says:

“The life drawing classes I joined recently are getting on fine. It takes a lot of effort and practice but i believe that my hard work is being rewarded with slightly better shaped figures and added tone. Also, I have learned to use charcoal more effectively now and I think I wouldn’t go back to use of pencil for a larger scale drawing. Let’s see where this drawing trip takes us…



Love Painting and Sketching



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