TESS – 2


So…this was the second Monday  drawing Tess; she will be with us for one more week. Again, our tutor introduced us to the main subject of study…that was muscles around the breast, the shoulders and the shoulder blades. As usually the model posed for 3-5min in different positions highlighting how these muscles stretch and contract.

Following a short tea break we got back to class for the long pose which we agreed last week. Although I didn’t manage to complete my drawing last week, I decided to change position so I had the chance to practice looking from a different angle. As you have probably understood already my aim is not to create a portfolio of complete drawings at this stage, but to practice my drawing skills.


This week I was really pleased to reach even closer to a more complete result. I was happy to understand how the bones under and around the neck sit and how the muscles pull around the shoulders. Next week I ll focus even more on this (I ll be starting a new sketchpad anyway…you can see the lines from a previous quick sketch I had to erase as I ran out of paper…).

“…my aim is not to create a portfolio of complete drawings at this stage, but to practice my drawing skills.”

I understand there is plenty of work to be done  here, however in combination with practising on Busts I feel experience is building up.  If you have any feedback even at this very early stage I would be happy to hear!

28407451_1162363890564038_455176961_oThe Artist says:

“I recently decided to attend Life Drawing classes; all the work produced during these classes can be found in this collection.

The sketches here are not necessarily finalised pieces of work; this is not my intention anyway. This collection mainly aims to provide with a timeline showing how my work improves as I attend more and more classes. Hopefully, building up experience and skill will be reflected on the quality of my sketches.”


Art is more fun when you meet the artists themselves! Visit THE ARTIST…



Love Sketching & Painting


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