Alexander The Great

Ancient Greeks – Portraits

This is a bust of Alexander The Great! I decided to start drawing this one because it looked a bit simpler and also because it is one of my dad’s favourite historical figures. The main lesson I got from this one is that even if the charcoal produces beautiful contrasts with the white paper…you still need to be careful not to overdo it. I believe I used more charcoal than necessary resulting in a “smudged” tone in some areas! A mistake to be avoided!

You can see that although the final result is quite impressive thanks to the strong contrast between the dark charcoal and white paper, in reality the drawing starts in a very basic format. You must focus on getting the basic proportions correct. This is the first step. Then you can build up adding tone and details. But remember…the most detailed drawing…will just look bad if the basic proportions are not right! Spend some time in the beginning to get that foundation correct!

This ties in brilliantly with my Life Drawing classes. See sketches from the weekly life drawing classes I joined recently here:





“Busts is a collection of charcoal drawings which represents my first steps in the world of life drawing and drawing of human figures and faces in general. In these first drawings I am just trying to put in practice the theory that I read in sketching books or the instructions that our tutor gives during our life drawing classes. Hopefully, as I progress and practice more, the quality of my drawings will be improving with more confident lines and more powerful tone contrasts.”

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Love Sketching and Painting


Παρουσίαση2 - Αντίγραφο

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