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31948992_1913624328928297_6364340306522931200_n.jpgMy name is Alice Frankovich. I am a self taught abstract/fluid artist based in San Diego, California. Growing up, both of my parents were very artistic. My dad had an extraordinary imagination and my mom could draw or paint just about anything. Their influence definitely contributed to the love and need for art to be a part of my life. For years, my medium was just a #2 pencil. I spent countless hours as a teenager sketching animals, nature, and even portraits of my friends. Over time I dabbled in pottery, fimo clay, water colours, and candle making. About 10 years ago, I started to paint acrylic abstracts and absolutely loved it. About a year ago, I stumbled upon fluid painting. I still paint with brushes and dabble in other mediums, but fluid painting has become my favourite medium. With this medium, there is little control, and I am loving that challenge. Learning different ways to manipulate the paint into a design or something that is beautiful, has been extraordinarily fun and rewarding.



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3 thoughts on “ALICE FRANKOVICH

    1. Alice has produced some wonderful acrylic pour paintings. Her work captured my eye too and I am very happy she agreed to be featured on CHROMA. Please follow and stay in touch to see the work and featured artists lined up for the following weeks.


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