Associate artist at 44AD, Bath

Excited and honoured to be  an Associate at 44AD, Bath

44AD Artspace, Bath

I am very happy to be an associate artist at 44AD Artspace in Bath since last week. I already had the chance to meet some of the artists of the community during an “artsocial event” where two of the artists presented their work to other members of 44AD.

Shortly after, I attended a very interesting print exhibition. Apart from admiring the art work being displayed, artists were present offering a great opportunity for fruitful discussions about a field for which I admittedly my knowledge is limited.

I am really looking forward to meeting the rest of the artists working in the artspace studios and attending more exhibitions. If you are around in Bath please do visit 44AD as there are loads going on.

44ad associate

*Photos included in this article are all screenshots from 44AD website. Please visit the community’s website by clicking here.

Love Sketching & Painting



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