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34826150_185746302130651_4239787175383662592_n.jpg“Gemma Hare is a fine artist residing in Aberdeen.

After graduating from Edinburgh College of Art in 2005 with a BA (hons) in Drawing and Painting, Gemma became a primary teacher, which has led her to work with children in different school settings as well as facilitating art workshops.

Her work is inspired by everyday objects and experiences, such as plants, people, places and text. She enjoys experimenting with different media and processes.

Gemma also incorporates printmaking and stencilling techniques to build multi – layered pieces.

Gemma’s current series has a new focus. Her work looks at bee preservation, through the use of her layering and colour composition, with a painted bee as a focal point. These pieces also incorporate some text, relating to the issue of bee decline and its consequences.

Gemma has been creating work again since November 2018 and is beginning to experiment with creating print editions, as well as one off originals. She has taken part in recent exhibitions in Aberdeenshire and Edinburgh so far. Gemma is happy to accept commissions and discuss her work with others.



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