This was the second Monday Joanna modeled for us. The session was quite interesting in terms of new knowledge. Once more, our tutor spent more time with myself and another guy who is a beginner; she taught us the proportions and structure of the skull. Recently we studied the ribcage (read: Human Anatomy 1 – The Ribcage) and now we were ready to build up on the structure above.


We started sketching the top of the cranium trying to replicate the curvature. The tutor pointed out that the curve gets steeper at the rear side. Once the top was done we then carried on to sketch the rear side and the front side. We had to check the angle of the outline of the skull and finally close the shape at the bottom and middle of the cranium. It’s worth mentioning that this point is the “hole” for the ear!


Once the cranium was in place we had to roughly sketch the front part of the skull; the area where all the facial features appear. For the sake of speed and understanding we sketched that as a simple tube. Also, extra care was needed for the eye sockets and nose but we will look at this more carefully in following sessions. I am aiming to study the skull myself in detail one of the following weeks.


When we had a good grasp of the outline and volumes of the skull we moved on to sketch from life. So Joanna, being our model, offered some interesting angles and poses for us to sketch her head.


We were asked to sketch her head as a simple orthogonal box. Just that. Give the orientation and the planes we could see. Then we had to elaborate and fit the cranium and face volumes within that box. We had to remember that the volume of the neck happens behind the “tube” of the face and under the volume of the cranium.


The Artist says:

28407451_1162363890564038_455176961_o“It is so amazing when you start studying the human anatomy before you go to the next class. You gain an understanding of how things work together and then instead of just sketching individual shapes and planes you understand how the body structure works as a whole!




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Love Sketching & Painting




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