JANE – 2


Last week unfortunately I had to skip my life drawing class and today it felt really awkward the first ten minutes; I thought I had forgotten to hold the charcoal stick! I was trying to refresh my memory as to how we draw the ribcage, what I had learnt about the skull and mainly how do we put all this together. Th bright side is that after a few wrong lines I slowly got up to speed again.

Our model today was Jane. Jane was the first model I ever sketched and this truly a good opportunity for me (and yourself if you wish!) to look back and see the progress I have made the past few months (see JANE).

As usually the model did three short poses. Finally, the class picked their favourite one as the long pose; we picked pose number three. Lets go through them one by one.

For the first pose Jane was sat on a table with her legs crossed. This pose gave me a good sight of her torso and breast. I tried to quickly sketch and remind myself the structure of the head and the Ribcage (and mainly how these affect the skin of the body). I am quite happy with this pose as we didn’t spend more than 7 minutes.


For the second pose Jane stayed on the table however she turned her back towards my side. I spent less than five minutes sketching this pose as in the meanwhile I had a quick chat with my tutor. She pointed out that my lines should be less heavy and bold! I spent most of my time sketching the model’s left foot. Feet are always a challenge! Apparently, the model appears to wide here but as mentioned before, I am not too worried as this served mainly as a warm up for the longer pose.36176870_1244913152309111_163261482266525696_n.jpg

For the third pose Jane returned pretty much to her original position; main difference being that instead of crossing her legs she now had a stool to support her right leg, while the left one was touching the floor. I couldn’t see her right arm almost at all. As before, I had a good view of her torso and legs. In my first attempt (short pose) I didn’t make any effort to sketch the legs. I only focused on the upper structure. As you can see below (drawing on the left hand side) the sketch is quite technical – I tried to put together previous knowledge before starting the long pose.36283152_1244913288975764_902433458511413248_n.jpg

Finally, after a quick tea break (actually it was fizzy drinks and cheese snacks break…) we went back in class to start with our long pose. The class decided pose number 3 was the preferable one (and I totally agreed). This time I did spend time drawing the whole body, including legs and upper structure as well. I was lightly criticized by my tutor for being too technical and strict with my drawing but at this stage I would like to learn the structure and then allow myself to go crazy with colour and lines. I had the time to add some tone too to satisfy myself with a complete drawing.


The Artist says:

28407451_1162363890564038_455176961_o“It is so amazing when you start studying the human anatomy before you go to the next class. You gain an understanding of how things work together and then instead of just sketching individual shapes and planes you understand how the body structure works as a whole!




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2 thoughts on “JANE – 2

  1. When I was in art school our models would move every 30 seconds or so. They gradually gave us more time after so many sketches. It was a great way to learn, because you spent less time assuming your lines because you had to draw what you saw very quickly before she would move again. We started with charcoal and after a couple of these sessions graduated into ink drawings on large scale. One of the funnest classes.

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    1. Oh yeah! This is so challenging. During one of our previous life drawing sessions (Julian 1) the model had to keep walking up and down the class and just stop briefly for a few seconds in the middle of the room. Honestly, by the end of the session I was so frustrated…I found it quite difficult letting myself free to sketch quickly and fluidly…but that’s part of the learning process I guess!

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