Beginner artist? Here are some great news!


Working on something useful and exciting

As a beginner artist you most probably have inspiration and materials. What you lack though is skill and knowledge. Unless you follow a formal arts course, it can get very tricky to gather all the information you need to get you started. I have experienced that myself and requires loads of motivation to power through this first stage….and also some help!


I recently started studying human anatomy (from an artists perspective) as well as acrylic painting techniques. I read, highlight, underline and follow exercises. I research online and I buy books. This is a big amount of information and effort which I eventually archive on my blog – distilled! I keep the most interesting and useful bits and I post it  on CHROMA. I don’t mind sharing this with my readers, I actually love the interaction and feedback I get from them.


However, I understand it is sometimes frustrating trying to find that blog, that had this bit of information and try to navigate and locate the part you were interested in… That’s why I came up with the idea of the PDF Tutorials. All the tutorial-articles published here will also be available to view online, download or print – all as nice and organised documents.

I believe this will be quite challenging for myself, being busy with a million other things. However, I am determined to give it a go as I know a lot of beginners (including myself) struggle to find something structured, simple and…free.


I will be relying upon you though for feedback and suggestions. A blog is its readers really and your contribution will be necessary. Please let me know of your thoughts below…

  • Is the idea of interest?
  • Do you use tutorials before starting painting/sketching?
  • Are you interested in human anatomy and acrylic paints?
  • Can you suggest any web page/blog that does something similar?
  • Would you be keen to give feedback on a first draft?


Thank you!


Love Sketching & Painting


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