Life Drawing Sessions

A great way to challenge and teach yourself

If you have felt the urge to create and improve your artistic skills but doing so in the isolation of your room doesn’t feel tempting…be sure there are loads of people who feel the same way. After spending a few months working on my own, I eventually found something that worked very well for me and boosted my motivation.


Joining a tutored Life Drawing class provides you with the opportunity to meet like-minded people and improve your drawing skills. Interacting with artists of various levels is probably the biggest benefit. The amount of information you can pick up by simply walking around the class and observing other people’s work is incredible. There is a wealth of different techniques, media and styles. Literally a treasure for experimentation and self-improvement.

Drawing the human body is a challenging task you will need to accomplish in class.

  1. Coordinating hands, eyes and brain will be your first challenge. New media, new techniques and the complexity of human body structure will test your ability to use all your senses to achieve a good outcome on your paper.
  2. Observing effectively something you think you know very well is difficult; you take details for granted and you only realise you are not good enough when you need to put it on paper. During the class your second challenge will be to draw what you actually see and not what you think you know!
  3. Finally, during a life drawing session time is limited. Your model will get tired and you will get tired! Good luck  finishing your work on time!


The first classes can be frustrating because of the above; the satisfaction of improvement though is worth the pain. Facing these challenges gave me a goal and motivation to continue studying and practicing art. It can take a while to get up to speed but trust me, once you get a grasp then the experience is very rewarding.

…once you get a grasp then the experience is very rewarding.

After a number of life drawing sessions I feel I have a better understanding of human anatomy. I am planning to use the next 2 months (summer break – life drawing sessions stop until September) to further study the structure of skeleton and gain some confidence before the classes start again.


If you feel you need some extra motivation for your art…do join Life Drawing sessions! I recommend it; I am sure you will find it interesting and helpful! See some of my work in the last term and some helpful documents on Human Anatomy:

Life Drawing:

Human Anatomy:


The Artist says:

“It is so amazing when you start studying the human anatomy before you go to the next class. You gain an understanding of how things work together and then instead of just sketching individual shapes and planes you understand how the body structure works as a whole!”


Love Sketching & Painting



3 thoughts on “WHY LIFE DRAWING?

    1. Hi Patsy 🙂 Thanks for your kind words. I agree that using gridlines helps to produce a more accurate drawing but it makes it too technical and kind of takes the fun out of it. However, I believe that in the first steps of a beginner artist it is quite importarnt to understand why and how things are done before going loose and free. Aim of my tutorials is to present in an easy and quick way how to draw differnet parts of the body as I study techniques and theory myself. My ultimate goal is to be able to draw quickly and relatively accurately outlines and then paint!


      1. You’re welcome Iasonas. I think your tutorials are a great idea! Keep up the great work. I mostly learned to draw from books. I have yet to learn how to draw well from life! I am with you on that ultimate goal!

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