Let your passion lead the way

If you are an artist and you have started or thought of starting a blog soon; chances are you will understand straightaway how I am feeling. I got the idea of starting an art blog a few months ago; it feels we have gone a long way since then. The initial intention was to just create a sort of online gallery where my latest paintings could be shown. However, as the months passed, the blog evolved into a process of digesting art and knowledge rather than just showing my work.


An Online Gallery was indeed the first step. At that stage I was passionately working on my collection Animals and my urge to get my work out there was big. I started by creating a simple online space for my paintings to be available for public to see. After finishing that collection I focused on artistically educating myself and sharing this knowledge with others. This is reflected on the structure of my blog.

The latest addition is the Sketching and Painting tutorials. I realised that painting for the sake of painting didn’t satisfy me. I wanted to expand my knowledge by studying Human Anatomy and Colour Theory. My aspiration is to be able to paint expressionistic portraits and figurative scenes soon.

Before getting there though I wanted to make sure I have a good grasp of realism. I wanted to know what the correct proportions are, what the structure of the body is, how different parts of the human body work together and finally how I can use colour to accurately show what I am aiming to show. Experimentation will follow!

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Give priority to what you are passionate about. Also, allow for some time to understand what you actually want to achieve. Don’t limit your blog to your initial thoughts; let it evolve with you. The only way to keep yourself motivated…is to actually write about what you love! Loosen up and give yourself space to follow your passion.

I am genuinely looking forward to reading your stories!

The Artist says:

“The most amazing thing was starting with my blog and then using it as a motivation to keep me going with my art studying. I still have a long way to go but seems this balance works quite well for me. What is your plan?”


Love Sketching & Painting



5 thoughts on “WHAT DRIVES YOUR BLOG?

    1. Hi Suzy, thank you very much 🙂 I think it is inevitable…the blogs reflect our thoughts and activities which change over time. The style of your drawings has changed over time too and i really enjoy observing this variation. Have a lovely day!

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    1. Hi Aby it is really motivating knowing that you found my blog useful. I m looking forward seeing more of your blog posts and if you wish we could possibly look at hosting one of your articles on my blog 😊


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