This is not an easy question to answer. Eggs can make a big difference when you make an omellete or when you bake a cake. But art; how is it even possible a tub of eggs to make a difference to your art? Well, it does play an important role – a tab of 15 eggs can actually make you create one of the most sophisticated and beautiful artworks you have ever made. The recipe is very simple.


Following a quick walk in the super market (where I bought my 15 eggs…), I kept thinking how simple things in life can affect you in a creative way. I saw lonely people shopping, I saw couples, I saw young people and I saw older people. Everyone lived that very moment, just picking up cheese or milk or vegetables…or eggs. And I kept thinking how this can be made into art.

Little hint, I had been to an art exhibition 20 minutes before I went to the super market. The subject was Balance, and the artists had literally 48 hours to create. In such a sort notice, I realised your biggest challenge as an artist is not to make the art piece, but mainly to think about it. This is where the 15 eggs come to play.


Your pen and pencil, your brush and paint sometimes should be inspired by the unnoticeable things. Sometimes you need to find beauty in those aspects of life that usually go unnoticed, are of detrimental importance and no one really cares about. Because when you deal with these unimportant things you have space and time to actually think about the bigger picture. Give yourself the chance to explore the connection and the importance of the subject to yourself, to its environemnt or to that very moment you observed it. Make art out of the intangible and for a moment forget the weight of the tangible.


This is definitely not a technical article, it is though a shout out to those ones who sometimes struggle to find inspiration. All you need to do my friends is open your eyes and see the person or the item standing next to you. The moment, the person, the item might be unimportant to most. But for you, at that specific moment, it is the centre of the world – it has your complete attention and it really deserves to be the centre of your next art work.

The answer you must be looking for, should be beyond eggs or plastic tubs; you should be looking at the symbolism of this quite ordinary items. As with the ancient Greek mythology the eggs represent something, they stand for something, instead of having a literal meaning. This is all about art. Communicate a message, don’t be afraid to make simple things stand out with your art and explore the endless possibilities and subjects of the environment around to you.

Have any simple things given you inspiration for art? Impress us with your observation – feel free to share links of your artworks and blog in the comments.

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The Artist says:

“Sometimes, inspiration for making art can be hidding in the simplest things in life. Make sure you have your eyes, and most importantly, your mind open!”




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