Drawing the human figure, fast

Andrew – 3

The Beauty of  drawing fast

If you are one of those people who can’t spend too much time doing the same thing – you will totally relate with this story. This attitude follows me in my art; I admit that being static for too long and working on the same subject for ages is not my cup of tea. Something that became apparent in this recent life drawing session.  Same model and same pose for the 3rd week in a row. I really had to do something to entertain my self. Something that actually revealed a new attitude towards my drawing that I am going to follow from now on.

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Date: 01/10/2018

Author: Iasonas Bakas

Time: 3h


  • Step 1: The warm up
  • Step 2: Same old stuff
  • Step 3: Changing Attitude
  • Step 4: The gains


1. Charcoal Sticks
2. Kneadable eraser
3. Easel
4. A2 sketch pad

Step 1: The warm up

The session started as usual with a few sort poses. Those were actually quite interesting. The model was experienced and knew exactly how to position himself to offer some good angles for students to draw. I personally decided to draw fast to be able to catch up with all sort poses. Result below; nice light drawings. Not too much detail but they quite accurately show the feel and flow of body lines.


Step 2: Same old stuff

We were aware we would have the same model for three weeks. However, it was my first time trying to continue drawing the same long pose for this amount of time. After the tea break I made an attempt to continue drawing on last sessions work. I very quickly realised this is not for me…I really had to change. I made the decision to completely change the way I worked this time.


Step 3: Changing Attitude

I gave up my seat, grabbed my sketch pad and completely changed my angle. I gave myself about 5-7mins to draw from another position. After I finished my quick sketch, I moved to another position (completely different side of the room). I kept doing this until the end. I sketched the same model and same pose from different angles. That was so refreshing and totally saved me from being bored for the next 1.5 hours. Sounds cool, but what was actually the gain from this?


Step 3: The gains

There was a big advantage in constantly changing positions. I had the opportunity to explore different angles of the same pose. Gave me the chance to see different parts of the body while the model was stood in the exact same position.

The main gain though was that by limiting my drawing time I had to work quick and thus less carefully. That made my lines more light and airy. More playful and free. The feeling that I had to pay no attention to the quality of the drawing (excuse: limited time) was so freeing. So liberating that actually helped me draw better. I think capturing the pose was much easier following this technique. Not saying these are the most detailed drawings – they are surely though some of the most lively and flexible I have done so far.

Do you prefer drawing detailed  sketches or are you a fan of quick and lively work?

The Artist says:

“The less time you have available for drawing, the more playful, light and vivid it becomes. I think, I have started enjoying the short pose even more than the long ones!”




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Love Sketching & Painting


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