Learning through short poses

Linea – 1

A balanced drawing session

This session was dominated by the model’s tranquility, her nice poses and balanced work behind the easel. After three weeks working with the same model (although he was very good) it was a pleasure to see someone new. With quite good mood, and following a very fun weekend I really enjoyed this life drawing session.

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Date: 08/10/2018

Author: Iasonas Bakas

Time: 3h


  • Step 1: Introductions
  • Step 2: Quick poses
  • Step 3: Experimenting for the long pose
  • Step 4: The long pose


1. Charcoal Sticks
2. Kneadable eraser
3. Easel
4. A2 sketch pad

Step 1: Introductions

Our tutor was very happy to meet the new model and admittedly, that improved my mood before even start working too. After the necessary introductions and a quick chat the model got in position and took her first pose.

I am including the “Introductions” part separately to highlight how important it is to create a connection between the model and the artists. By just letting each other know your name and hobbies; instead of just drawing a “subject” you start looking at a “person”!

Step 2: Quick Poses

The model started with a nice standing pose with one of her arms stretching and her torso slightly leaning forward. The following couple of poses were not much different to that. She made sure that all students had the chance to see the same. That gave me the opportunity to sketch similar poses, from different angles.



Step 3: Experimenting for the long pose

Following the three standing quick poses, the tutor suggested we try a sitting pose. In a second the table and the stool were in the middle of the room and the model sat on the table. It didn’t take long to decide on the pose we liked the most (surprisingly…). I took the opportunity to study the model’s body by finishing a very quick drawing before tea break.


Step 4: The long pose

I am sure you are not surprised by this section! The drawing looks very similar to the previous one. I just had more time to work more thoroughly on proportions, perspective and tone. It was about the right amount of time I needed before I got fed up with this  drawing. I am quite pleased and I would really like to work with the same model but as usual….next time I ll be working from a different angle!

Until then…happy sketching!


For those who have tried life drawing classes…does it make a difference knowing the model better?

The Artist says:

“The less time you have available for drawing, the more playful, light and vivid it becomes. I think, I have started enjoying the short pose even more than the long ones!”




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Love Sketching & Painting


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