David Cassell

A fairytale on paper


profile.jpg“I am proudly self taught and started drawing at an early age. Encouraging parents fueled my need for expression. Once in high school I excelled in art and dreamed of continued studies in college. After graduating I married and went to work helping raise my three children. Working for a marketing firm I drew a concept design that achieved national recognition. After that I continued to draw and paint until the eighties when I joined and art league and entered a national juried show which my work was accepted. Encouraged by my family and friends I decided to enter shows and fairs winning many entries and turning professional in the eighties I sold many of my creations. Most of my ideas for my art come from dreams.
Pen, pencil and acrylic are my preferred mediums but I’ve tried them all. I love the creative process and am continually creating fantasy landscapes and seascapes or space concepts in my home studio. Currently retired I’m still working on my art daily”.

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9 thoughts on “David Cassell

    1. Hi Julia, exactly. Looking at David’s work it can kind of transfers you to mythical sceneries. When I first came across his sketches I was amazed by the amount of detail and how “complete” the drawings were in terms of atmosphere. It reminded of Lord of the Rings settings or similar fantasy stories.


      1. Yes, it can be quite laborious and time consuming but the result is so rewarding isnt it? Have a look at Sourya’s work (the first Featured Artist). Let me know what you think of his detailed work!


    1. I was really amazed by the atmosphere of David’s drawings! They are wonderfull indeed; making you feel that you are going through a fairytale with castles and magical forests!!!


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