The benefit of giving yourself a break

Linea – 3

Part of the statement above, is a lie as I never actually stopped working with art. I did take a whole month off life drawing though. In the beginning it felt a bit naughty. Towards the end, I felt I was really missing it and I started lacking motivation for sketching anything else. It is true that life drawing classes give content and context to my work. Thankfully, I was able to attend the last session of the year!

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A couple of short life drawing poses

I was very pleased to be back at the studios, see my fellow artists, and find out that Linea was modeling for us. I was ready for a good life drawing session, as I had not attended for more than a month. The session started with 2 short poses, 10 minutes each.

A table was provided, and the tutor gave the model freedom of choice regarding the pose. She quickly chose the pose I drew below. Just sitting with one leg on the table and the other foot touching the floor.

I drew quickly, with free lines and relatively bold tones. For me this was a good warm up after a long break. I knew that there is not enough time to get bogged down to details. I tried to capture the standing pose of the model, the expression of her hand on the table. Another element I wanted to draw tonally accurately was the leg in shadow (under/behind the table). This helped to create the sense of depth, light and dark.

The second pose was even simpler; the model was just stood in the middle of the room with one arm over her head. For this one, I feel that capturing accurately the shadows on the back of the model was crucial. I unfortunately didn’t manage to draw that very well. The body ended up looking quite flat. The element that looks worse on this one is probably the shoulders which I managed to ruin last minute before the break. I was not too worried though; we had mince pies and mulled wine during the break!

The long pose

The others, had already started working on this sitting pose since previous sessions. I was quite happy to start from scratch. I picked a position from where I had good views of the model’s torso and leg structure. I received good feedback regarding the pose and tones. An area that I could improve is the neck and how that connects to the chest and shoulder structure. Similarly, an element that needs a bit more attention next time is the heavy shadow marking on the side of the ribcage. 

A few quick sketches in the end…

As you probably already know, I tend to give up my seat towards the end of the session and explore the same pose from different angles. This time I stayed on a similar angle, however I focused on a different part of the body.

I wanted to experiment with the shape of the head. I tried capturing the face features, quickly though I got a bit disappointed and gave up. I happily sketched the head turning in different angles and kind of taught myself how to capture this movement by looking the model’s head position.

Breaks back to back

After a month’s break, there is a Christmas break for three weeks. In the meanwhile I ll try to explore a new studio and life drawing classes I got informed about. Until then…happy sketching!

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