Useful advice and checklist for improving your art in 2019

Stay on track with your sketching and painting in the New Year

A nice sunny Saturday morning in December, our friend Erik is sitting relaxed in his kitchen, enjoying a hot cup of tea, thinking his artistic ambitions. He has big plans and dreams for his art in the near future. Before he realises, the New Year is here, and six months down the line all the big dreams…are still dreams. Avoid being like Erik! In this article we will see how to plan ahead and remain artistically efficient in 2019.

Any resemblance with real people and situations is purely coincidental.

Think what you want to do

Before you start confusing yourself with a million ideas about your art and making complicated plans, do spend some time thinking. Give yourself the chance to consider what exactly you want to do with your art work. Find out what you are passionate about, what sort of skills you lack, on what you want to invest time and money.

Some useful questions to ask yourself are:

  • What is you favourite media? (acrylic, oil, charcoal, pencil, ink etc)
  • What sort of subjects you are passionate about? (animals, still life, landscapes, life drawing etc)
  • What are your weak points? (use of colour, mark making, human anatomy, finding inspiration etc)
  • Do you want to spend money on buying art, buying new materials, on art training?

Know what you can realistically do

You can come up with brilliant ideas, however you need to be realistic about what you can actually do. As discussed previously time is limited and so is money. After, making a list with your ideas, your desires and your options, start considering  what is feasible and what is not.

You might want to consider the following:

  • The amount of free time you have available every week and want to allocate to art.
  • Any long periods of time, when you won’t be able to paint or draw at all.
  • Amount of money you could possibly spend in a year for art (Not just small expenses. Think of spending for an art course or books, buying new art, or a bulk purchase of art materials).
  • The artistic skills and knowledge you need, to achieve your plan.
  • Availability of art resources near you.

If planning your art for the following year seems daunting, a checklist could be the easy way out. Subscribe below and get the checklist I use for my artistic year planning, for free.

Download the FREE Art Plan Checklist for 2019

Decide on a methodology you will follow

You have some awesome ideas, and you also know the constraints; well make a plan how to materialise your goals! This might require some thought and research but it is definitely worth the effort. If you plan ahead how to achieve your artistic goals, then you can focus all your efforts on producing brilliant art and developing yourself.

Depending on your goals and the constraints, and to name only a few, you probably need to think:

  • If you lack skills, consider starting a drawing or painting course. You could also research and buy some art books.
  • If your equipment is old, you might want to renew your art materials stock and maybe treat yourself with a new easel.
  • If you struggle getting inspiration, you possibly need to plan visiting a few more galleries, travel a little bit more, or take a few more pictures.
  • If your plan is to sell your art, research platforms and create an e-shop or approach some galleries.

Review and monitor what you are actually doing

Do not forget, that one of the most important parts on your way to success, is monitoring if you are on track succeeding your goals. Throughout the year, take short breaks and look back. See if you are happy with what you have already achieved and make sure you review your plan for the next goals. It’s much better knowing that you have made real progress and fulfilled some of your goals satisfactorily, instead of rushing to do eveything without assessing periodically the quality of your work.

Don’r worry! Making a plan for your art in 2019 is not difficult afterall.

Closing this article, I wanted to highlight that making a plan and achieving your goals is not as difficult as it sounds. It is all a matter of breaking it down to smaller steps and making sure you follow your plan. I really wish you enjoyable Christmas Holidays, I hope you find my checklist helpful and I am looking forward to your fantastic sketches and paintings in the next year!

setting goals, making plan for your art

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4 Replies to “Useful advice and checklist for improving your art in 2019”

    1. Hi Maranda! It is true that we start with quite big plans and gradually because there is no specific structure we get tired. If we don’t set specific goals, then its difficult to measure the success and inevitably we will get tired…

      Art is no different! That’s why I tried to put together the PDF checklist, as a helping hand for people to structure their ideas and plan and have an efficient new year!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Oh this is great! Since my semester is over I was able to stock up on supplies, and was thinking about doing more art from now on. I had so many plans in my head before, but somehow could never see them through. Thank you, this will really push me to think more and make some more realistic plans!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Saeeda! That’s always the problem…we are very creative and keen to develop ourselves. However, excitment is not always enough to achieve these goals. Having an organised plan in place is fundamental. Hopefully the list will give you a few points to consider. Obviously, it is not the most extensive planning tool, but it should give you a few ideas and lead your thought towards setting you own goals for the new year!


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