Art through the eyes of an architect

A world made of paint and paper

Architecture is undoubtetly connected to art. If you think about it though, art many times follows the principles of architecture too. Often, they go hand in hand in terms of form, shape, materials, functionality, imagination and design process. Looking at the world through the eyes of an architect, helps the artist see at a different angle, and explore how someone whose life spins around designing buildings, is actually inspired to make art observing the built environment.

Construction industry has forgotten about art

My profession mixes architecture and construction with art. However, as time passes and due to workload everything becomes monotonous. The excessive construction of buildings to meet the market demands, leads to a repetitive design. Everything starts to focus more and more on plans with repeated layouts, repeated facades that have nothing to do with the older buildings where details and art used to be important. Everything becomes more and more the same; inovative design rarely really matters as long as saleable meters squared are produced.

This photo shows some colorful old buildings in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Old wooden windos and small balconies.

Colours on the streets of Buenos Aires, Argentina

Everything is made of paper

When I walk through an unknown city or through my own city, I go looking at all sides; seeing the buildings and I imagine them drawn. I see everything as if made of paper, the buildings, the trees, everything becomes a different painting in my mind. In drawing, I find an escape that helps me return to the essence of everything; the beginning when we started with a simple sketch to imagine the work of architecture or with simple scenes of ordinaty city life.

To capture this feeling, I use watercolors and pens. For me, these materials represent the movement and flow. When needed though, they don’t restrict me from drawing details. The combination of watercolour and pen provides the artist with the flexibility to imply forms without defining them precisely, if they wish.

Communicating my dream through art

I would like to be able to sell my drawings one day. And that is, because it would make me feel like I can reach different places and different people. These very drawings would remain alive and could be seen by several generations. My art work, could then convey what I feel the time of creation. It would give other people the chance to see art through the eyes of an architect who appreciates aesthetics, understands the importance of art in design and loves beauty in our urban environemnt.

This picture shows some colourful old buildings in Buenos Aires, La Boca.
Colourful buildings in Buenos Aires, Argentina

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