Challenging the storm

Part of the “Headphone Boundaries” collection

Painting description

Certainty and tranquility; the undeniable foundation that most seek and desire. Robust and solid; providing support for the next move, the one leading beyond the comfort zone line. Classical music; the clarity and structure, flowing ample through a small, personalised recital room, equips one to face the storm of the unknown.

The concept

The theme of the exhibition was “Record Shop”. In response to this call, I came up with the concept of people standing in the record shop, isolated by their surroundings, experiencing a different reality, thanks to the headphones they are wearing. The headphones block any noises and distractions and they flood the mind with different types of music. Each painting (4 in total) have a different approach to the same concept. The collection is called “Headphone Boundaries”.

Details and Exhibition

This painting was created as part of the collection “Headphone Boundaries” for the exhibition Deck the Walls at studio 44AD, Bath. It is painted in acrylics on square stretched canvas. The total size (framed) is 12in x 12in as per the exhibition requirements.

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