Freshen up, rise higher

One year of operation; time for a reconstruction

I am sure you would agree with me, that a regular refresh, re-organisation and review of progress is essential in every aspect of our lives. For anyone blogging regularly, this would make perfect sense and they could easily see the connection of the following paragraphs with their own blog.

So what is happening?

I see CHROMA as a living entity which develops and occasionally needs to pause and re-organise itself. After a whole year of operation (actually a bit longer…), it feels it is time for this blog to refresh. This is vital for measuring the progress made the past few months, understanding new needs and incorporating some fresh ideas.

This picture shows a close up view of a keyboard. It is a graphic for the article, symbolising the work to follow throughout the development of the website
Keyboard, I will be using it a lot the next few months to develop a brand new Art website.

What should you expect?

So yes, CHROMA will be wearing its new clothes and freshening itself up. In practical terms, it will be offering better organisation, some new sections, and definitely a new look. Maintaining the same identity, and staying loyal to its artistic content, CHROMA will focus on enhancing the user’s experience and making it easier and more pleasing to navigate.

Is it quick and easy? No…

You might have already noticed some changes; however, this sort of process, takes time and effort to complete. I do apologise in advance for potential glitches during this redevelopment of the website. I trust the result will offer every reader a more user friendly environment and a wider scope of articles and artworks.

Stick around, be part of it

Thanks for staying with me and as valued members of this community please feel free to recommend solutions, express ideas or just keep me company with your kind words while working on a brand new and exciting CHROMA!

Expected completion date: June 2019. The site will remain widely operational but activity will focus on updating the technical aspect of it rather than regular posting of new content.

This picture shows a laptop on a coffee table. On the screen there is one of the earliest versions  of the art blog CHROMA.
This art website started a simple blog. It wants to become something more than that.

5 thoughts on “Freshen up, rise higher

    1. Hi Adam, I am very excited in the prospect of changing the look and functionality of the web site too. I am a bit overwhelmed by the amount of work required for this, but hopefully in the end we will have a good result, with a more user friendly interface. Thanks for staying in touch through this and I am looking forward to reading your next interesting article!

      Best wishes,


    1. Hi Jon, yes I changed the theme as a first step (the current one is the new theme). It took quite some work in the background before I hit “publish” as the new theme had different layout, sections and functions. I had to rearrange some of my content and rationalise stuff on my pages and categories.

      Unfortunately, I don’t have the capacity to do it all in one go. It will be a gradual “transition period” rather than a grand opening of the a new website.

      It does feel though that occasionally you a general tidying up and content clenaing is necessary. The content andastyle inevitably change over time as the site develops and gets different “turns”. That’s why I decided it was time to tidy up and as part of that do a “lifting” of the site presentation too.

      Do you usually do this sort of maintenance process for your page?


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      1. Yes I can definitely see how it’s easier to take smaller bites out of such a big project. That’s exactly how I’ve approached it in the past. I’ve stuck with the same theme for quite a while now, but I’m constantly making smaller tweaks. That’s one of the fun things about the blogging hobby in my opinion – so much to learn and try

        Liked by 1 person

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