Sun Ray, Skyscape sold

First painting sale on e – Shop

I am very happy to announce that the first painting sale has been completed successfully. The miniature skyscape has been delivered to its new owner’s home.

Within the first 10 days of operation, one painting was purchased. That fills me with excitement. You can see the new Skyscapes series on my new online shop.

The official opening of the shop will be announced in approximately two weeks, along with discount codes and other exciting news. Subscribe to the newsletter to be notified.

10 thoughts on “Sun Ray, Skyscape sold

  1. This is great news Iasonas, a fast turnaround!!

    I’ve never had a great deal of interest on my Etsy shop (just added you btw) and was going to drop it as it literally was costing more than it was taking, in the same time I’d sold more through other channels so it wasn’t like I was selling rubbish. However my most recent order saved it from extinction so it’s on a temporary reprieve 🙂

    Lovely skyscape – best of luck with the others.

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  2. Hi Steve, I think I was quite lucky with this one. It definitely takes some serious effort to start selling. Even in this case the transaction fees etc consumed a good chunk of the sale. What channes do you use for selling your work?

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    1. Oddly enough eBay has been the biggest seller by far, even though I almost didn’t bother with it at first – it’s for selling old junk or cheap plastic goods from Hong Kong, right?

      I couldn’t be more wrong – with identical items to Etsy, listed at the same time and same price, it’s outsold it by way more than a factor of ten !!

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      1. Yeah, or do what I (at least try to) do and post each piece up on both. The only catch is that you have to manually remove from the other platform if it sells.

        I sell very very little so stock control is very undemanding.

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      2. Hehe yeah while sales are not many you can probably mange it easily. I am just trying to rationalize my social platforms because I need to manage Facebook, Instagram, WordPress, Etsy…it’s just going crazy really…you end up consuming more time doing admin than doing art in the end!


    1. Hi Maranda. I have an account there too but I guess either platform you really need to “promote” yourself a lot on social media etc before people start noticing your work. Do you find that sharing on Facebook or Instagram is necessary for selling your work effectively on eBay or just posting it there is enough for people to find and buy it?

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