The cell phone photography project

How could cell phone photography help you with your painting?

Editorial: Why would a sketching and painting blog host an article about cell phone photography? And why would a graphical designer would be invited to contribute on a platform that traditional visual arts are the main focus? The answer is simple. Art, in any form, enhances creativity, ensures personal development and helps to set goals for life. As such, a more versatile approach to art, art goals, and personal challenges was considered appropriate. Read between the lines and see the analogy with your own art projects; how sketching has helped you overcome personal problems and how painting made you feel creative in times of personal struggle.

Who am I, and why am I here?

I’m Jo, the author behind Creative PTSD gal and started my blog to help me get through some of the most difficult times and situations I haveexperienced. I’m a graphic designer and webmaster by trade but an artist at heart. I’m now learning my own style of writing but have also committed to several projects that keep me on the path of creativity and growth.

I have lost so much, best described as, ‘If you don’t use it, you’ll lose it,’ at my current employer. Utilizing only one program and creatively restricted to a certain subject matter; these projects I post about help me not only find my voice but sharpen the skills that I no longer use. The bonus to ALL of this is that in the worst of times it helps me cope and focus preventing a swan dive into the deep end of the darkest oceans of anxiety and depression.

This image shows a part of the Royal Crescent in Bath, UK. One of the most famous buildings of the city, designed by John Wood
View of the Royal Crescent at Bath. One of the most emblematic buildings designed by John Wood.

How cell phone photography enhances my creativity

I needed to recreate my portfolio as I search for a different employer or job opportunity. Recently, I embarked on a year-long commitment to a cell phone photography project after researching how graphic artists’ portfolios fare better with a year long project. I’m learning through tutorials and trial and error experiences to be able to capture a great mobile photo. I wanted a project that was easily accessible to me at all times (even when in the ER), force me to think outside the box and step out of my comfort zone. Cell phone photography has afforded me that more so than my watercolor sketches.

This image shows a part of the Circus in Bath, UK. One of the most famous buildings of the city
Section of the Circus, one of the most famous sites in Bath. Circular building designed by John Wood

Theory, practice, confidence, growth

I have rediscovered my love for Adobe Photoshop editing through their mobile apps but also taking photos in general. Doing this project has also allowed me to understand the ‘Pro’ mode on my cell’s camera app better so when I have more time to pick up my DSLR camera I have more confidence in shooting the exact moment I see through a lens.  This project keeps me interested and eager to find the shot for the day and also keeping it mobile based through apps and external lenses for cell phones. The color palettes chosen from the photos are a reminder of color theory. This project would not only help rebuild skills of a graphic designer that I haven’t used in the years I have worked with my current employer, but also build a portfolio that will demonstrate growth, style, and creativity.

A piece of advice. Get out there and try!

I’m always open to feedback and tips for creative mobile photography and editing from readers and other artists. That’s how artists learn and grow. It has taken me a lot out in the public and take photos. A lot of negative thoughts dismissals and trying to be creative during the winter storms. Anyone that wants to get better at a craft or hobby my advice to you is to research the basics and then get out there and try. Look at other people’s work and while you are working to hone your craft and find your own style, do it fearlessly.

This picture shows a view of the iconic Pulteney Bridge in Bath, UK and the river Avon weir.
View of the iconic Pulteney Bridge in Bath, UK and the river Avon weir.

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