Portrait painting workshops in Bath, UK

A brilliant painting workshop with Rob Lunn

No matter what your artistic endeavours are, having some sort of guidance is very important and can actually help you improve your skills quickly. I was lucky to come across Quick Start Art painting workshops by Rob Lunn. I had the chance to attend one of Rob’s portrait painting workshops recently at Bath Art Studios; it was a great experience indeed. A very well structured lesson, spreading over a whole weekend, covered the fundamental steps of developing a portrait, using oil paints.

Rob Lunn in a very friendly manner managed to explain all the steps and make the students understand each stage thoroughly. The workshop was divided in 5 parts; charcoal sketching, “locking in” of the drawing, tonal painting, colour mixing and application of paint. In between stages, there was a brief tutorial and demonstration where the tutor took time to explain the process in detail. Theory and technique were kept in a good balance.

The main advantage of this workshop was that it was very well structured, organised and to the point. There was a specific plan for the whole weekend and time, content, questions and demonstration were very well managed, to keep the lesson on track. Also, it was brilliant that within one weekend the students had the opportunity to acquire an overview of the development of a portrait from setting up the sitter, to completion of the painting. Finally, Rob provided best quality painting supplies, included in the price of the lesson. If you want to make the most out of the art workshop, it is worth having a read through the article below.

I couldn’t recommend Quick Start Art workshops more and I am sure that anyone attending Rob’s lessons can only find them beneficial. I hope I will have the opportunity to attend one of his next workshops lined up this Autumn.

For further details and booking a space for the next workshops visit Rob Lunn’s website Quick Start Art directly or have a look at Bath Artist Studios calendar.

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