Drawing portraits during lunch

How to fill spare time with art

We often complain about lack of time and hectic daily routines that don’t allow for any creative activities and art. Fitting sketching or painting in our day can sometimes be tricky, I cannot deny that. However, sometimes small breaks for a quick doodle instead of long art sessions, can be the solution. I personally use part of my lunch break every day to draw a portrait.

My daily routine

I work a normal full time office job; making art is not included in my daily tasks. It can get quite stressful at times, but we are lucky enough to have an hour-long lunch break every day. I doubt that anyone uses the whole hour for eating; people use most of the time either sorting out obligations in the city centre, staring at their phone or talking to their partners. I sketch.

I quickly finish my lunch, go for a very short walk around Bath, usually ending up somewhere where there is plenty of people, and then sit down and draw. The sketches do not need to be very detailed or proportionally perfect. Just feel the satisfaction of using your pens and pencils for a little bit every day.

I have put together some ideas on how to make time for sketching daily. Get inspired by reading my recent article.

Iasonas Bakas sketching a portrait outside the Roman Bath in the city of Bath, UK

Why do I do this?

I don’t sell the drawings, and I am not planning to put up an exhibition with them. So why do I bother drawing portraits of strangers? The answer is simple: because I love drawing. I just feel that sketching a little bit every day keeps me connected to my passion, gradually helps me develop my drawing skills and offers some valuable relaxing time during busy days.

You can actually find out a bit more about the reasons why I sketch during lunch, how I do it and what people think of my work on the go on an upcoming interview I gave to BBC Radio Bristol. This will be released very soon; I can add you to the mailing list so you are one of the first to watch it.

Success! You're on the list.

If you are curious to have a sneaky look into my sketchbook, you can find the best drawings I have made so far on my online gallery.

12 thoughts on “Drawing portraits during lunch

    1. Yeah, sometimes its the only way to add a little bit of art in your day. I very rarely have a few solid hours to paint or draw. So as you say, I just try to always carry a small sketchbook with me, and doodle on the bus, the airport or just during lunch on the street.

      How are you coping with the promotion of your art? Do you try to sell any of your work?


      1. oh great! So how is Etsy going for you? What is your shop address link? I would like to have a look if you dont mind.

        I tried selling my paintings on Etsy. The first day I started, I sold one painting. It went quiet after that though. I gave up on it for a little while but now I have renewed all my listings, aiming to add more work there and I have linked it to my website to make it a bit more visible.

        Truth is that occasional sales come through word of mouth!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yup, although I think I need to redesign the ball to be a bit more central. Your shop looks great too. I’ve favourited it. The whole postage thing stresses me a little so I’m concentrating on making some new pdf patterns. They’re really time consuming but once they’re done there’s no more work for each sale.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I see so you are selling a downloadable file then? I guess thats an easy way of making something that doesnt need revisiting. I was thinking that pdf tutorials would be another similar idea? Write it, pdf it, sell it for a few pounds so people can download it.

        (ps. I just Favourite your shop too 🙂 lets stay in touch see how we both go on that!)

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Pdf tutorials sound like a good idea. You might be better off selling videos on skillshare or something though? I write down the patterns of the things I make for my daughter so even if no one buys them I don’t see them as wasted energy 😂 and occasionally someone still buys a balloon. Was thinking about trying my hand at jewelry next but I should probably list my drawings first. You sell your originals or prints (I’m assuming the canvas are origs)

        Liked by 1 person

      5. I havent used Skillshare at all. I might spend some time exploring the platform. To be honest though, I already feel overwelmed by all the social media..I would be hesitant to try sell something there too. It is probably worth see what is available though in terms of learning new stuff.

        I try selling my originals. I havent explored the prints to be honest. Are you planning to sell original sketches or scan, print sell?

        Liked by 1 person

      6. I’m know what you mean about too much social media! Inktober brought it all back. The lazy in me thinks originals but when I did a search not many people were actually selling originals. Also I’ve no idea what to charge.

        Liked by 1 person

      7. Thats always the question! I have actually drafted an article on charging for artwork, which I am planning to publish within the next couple of weeks. Keep an eye out for it. We can then have a discussion on best practice in terms of setting a reasonable price for art!

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