The Art of finding the perfect present

Why gifting original art is a brilliant idea

Some people absolutely love shopping for presents; I personally struggle a bit. And don’t get me wrong, I do love receiving and offering presents. However, choosing the right ones is a different story. I always try to buy something that is practical and useful, personal and at an affordable price. I also try to avoid ordinary or useless items that clutter my friends’ selves and cupboards. Although there is no magical solution for finding the perfect present, here is a brilliant idea: Buy original art.

NO! Original art is too expensive!

I know you might be thinking that buying an original painting is super expensive or definitely not worth the money. I won’t argue against; there are artworks that are ridiculously expensive, and I doubt any of us could afford buying them. However, fine art is not only locked behind fancy gallery windows and museums in central London. Trust me, there is plenty you can find without spending a fortune. But lets start from the beginning; why is it worth buying art in the first place?

Why would I buy Fine Art as a present?

There are loads of different categories of artworks, media, sizes, prices and styles. However, regardless of type, there are some universal elements that make buying fine art totally worth it.

  • Unique: Fine art is usually handmade or copies come in very limited numbers. Thus you can rest assured that the present you are buying for your friends or family, is unique.
  • Timeless: A great thing with fine art is that it is timeless. Usually artists get inspired by contemporary events and situations, however their makes bear a deeper meaning that lasts and remains valid regardless of time. Also, artworks (a painting for example) usually have an aesthetic aspect that remains unaltered no matter how long the piece hangs on the wall for.
  • Price range: As mentioned previously, there is a huge variety of artworks and all come with a different price tag. Finding something you can afford shouldn’t be too difficult. Either looking for a small £15 painting or a £2000+ sculpture, a quick look in your local highstreet, art fair or internet should give you some options.
  • Handmade: The fact that artworks are handmade means that when you buy them, you show appreciation to the time and effort an individual (or a team of individuals) has put into the development of the gift your are buying. Just think of someone creating something with love and passion, for you to pass on to your loved ones!
  • Personal: With the artworks being unique, you are actually making a difference buy offering something that is 100% personal. You saw something on a painting, that triggered a memory, or emotion and made you decide to gift it to your friend or family. You could never feel the same connection with a piece of clothing, a perfume or an electronic device.
  • Thoughtful: All this thought process that makes the purchase of an artwork an experience, shows that you actually spent some time considering the perfect gift. You found something unique, timeless and with one move you make at least two people happy (your friend and the artist)!

And is it appropriate for all occasions?

Well, if you consider the variety and pluralism of artwork available, I can guarantee that you will be able to find something appropriate for any occasion. Birthdays, Christmas, weddings, housewarming, loss, a new job…the list just goes on and on. It is up to you to give some thought in terms of what you want to buy and then internet will do the rest to help you find the right artist and their work!

Making a difference this year

I hope it all makes sense, and instead of spending £30 on another jumper that will collect dust in your sister’s cupboard, or £50 on a magazine subscription that will keep adding to your dad’s piles of magazines, from now on you will actually consider giving something beautiful and unique. Make an effort, find local artists, commission, buy, discuss with them and start living a more inspiring life free of off the self, machine made products. If you have any ideas, or struggling to find the right present for your loved ones, do not hesitate to get in touch.

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4 thoughts on “The Art of finding the perfect present

    1. Haha hi Steve thank you very much! I really find it frustrating that we (including myself to be honest) stuck with the same ideas, buying clothes and silly decorations for Christmas, birthdays and so on. With the same amount of money we can buy some quality fine art and make happy the artist as well as our friend and family! What do you think of art as a present?

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      1. I think it’s a good idea with one caveat, you need to know the recipient really well as art choices can often be very personal.

        I know someone that dreads receiving any gift for the home because it is rarely anything that she’d choose herself – and she’s very picky. Would be a shame for your artwork to end up stowed away in a cupboard or up on eBay.

        The bonus with a hideous t-shirt is that it’s usually returnable to the shop.

        However if you’re certain of the recipient’s response then it’s surely one of the best presents – lasting a lifetime hopefully, which is decades more than most presents.

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      2. You have hit the nail on the head there! You are absolutely right and I guess that’s probably one of the reasons why people very rarely consider art as a present.

        It’s worth trying it though. We have a friend who whenever visits brings a small artwork and its so exciting! I agree though that not everyone appreciates, understands or at least has the same taste as we do so it might be a bit risky going with an artwork instead of a more generic and “easy to digest” gift.

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