Bath Artists Studios student exhibition

Find my portrait in Bath Artists Studios

Bath Artists Studios, being a local charity organisation in Bath, promote arts and culture, and occasionally organise exhibitions, hosting work from artists based in Bath or surrounding areas. Tomorrow, 12/12/2019 is the opening of the Bath Artists Studios (BAS) student exhibition from 6pm until 8pm. My work will be on show as part of this exhibition.

How did I get involved

Through a recent call, anyone who participated in one of the art courses organised by BAS, was invited to submit their work for a chance to be included in the annual student exhibition (determined by an artists judgement panel). I had the opportunity to attend a portrait painting workshop by Rob Lunn, earlier this summer and I thought following the great experience and fun I had, I should submit the self portrait I painted.

I was very excited to be informed that the portrait will actually be included in the exhibited works, and I would love to meet any of you attending tomorrow at Bath Artists Studios. I decided to not include a picture of the portrait here, so it becomes a little bit of a quiz for those attending, to find the work. A clue is that the painting is a self portrait (for those who don’t know me personally, this is my actual face).

For further information about the exhibition itself, dates, times and directions how to get to Bath Artists Studios, visit their website directly.

Bath Artists Studios have been doing a brilliant work. If you have been thinking to attend one of their classes I totally recommend doing so. I am happy to chat regarding my personal experience; feel free to get in touch.

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Note: Cover photograph borrowed from Bath Artists Studios official website.

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