Christmas exhibition at 44AD, Bath UK

A brilliant collection of artworks

As 2019 is getting to an end, the artistic activity in the beautiful city of Bath seems to get intensified! Fantastic art events and exhibitions sign the end of the year, offering brilliant opportunities to the audience of the city to admire interesting and unique artworks. At the same time the numerous artists based in Bath and the surrounding areas have the chance to showcase their most recent work. This week we are having the opening of the annual “Deck the Walls” exhibition at 44AD Art Gallery; we are very excited and here are a few reasons why!

Deck the walls at 44AD Art Gallery

Following on from the first student exhibition at Bath Artists Studios last week, 44AD comes to surprise us with an imaginative collection of artworks. Paintings and drawings, 12in x 12in in size, referring to the cover of old vinyls will be exhibited from 18th December until 23rd December with varying topics and open to interpretation by artists and audience. All artworks will be on for sale along with limited edition prints available too.

Artists and audience attending an exhibition at 44AD, Bath

Seasonal extravaganza

According to the organisers of the event, guests should be expecting, live music, drinks, Christmas treats and even spinning Christmas trees! If you are not yet convinced, have a look at previous exhibitions at 44AD and let the artistic and christmassy mood inspire you!

For further information, do visit the gallery’s website below.

Artworks exhibited at 44AD, Bath*

Taking part in the exhibition

As this is a unique opportunity for artists to present their latest work to the public, I decided to submit some of my recent paintings for the annual Deck the Walls exhibition. I was very excited to be notified that one of my paintings, “Removal” (as seen on the first picture in this article) has been selected by the curatorial committee to be exhibited. I really look forward to this year’s event and I hope it will be equally successful with the annual Christmas exhibition in 2018.

I do invite you all to join the opening evening on the 18th December from 18:00. Be ready for art, music, food, chat and laughter! See you there!

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*Note: Pictures borrowed from 44AD, Bath website.

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