Interview with BBC Radio Bristol: My portrait drawing

An opportunity to present my lunch time portrait series

Not a long ago, I received a phone call; it was from BBC Radio Bristol. The call had to do with my portrait sketching; I admit I was quite surprised. They loved my work and they found quite fascinating that I usually draw quickly, on the go, during my lunch breaks from work. After a short conversation, I agreed to be filmed, introducing my portrait sketching while walking in Bath. The video if finally released!

Interview on the streets of Bath, UK

If you wish to find out a bit more about why, when and how it all happens, and see me sketching one of those portraits on camera, watch the short interview on BBC Radio Bristol social media below.

You can also get some inspiration on how to fit some sketching in your busy daily routine, the same way I do, reading my recent article.

Original Acrylic skyscape painting, example of my studio work

Finally, if you wish to have a chat or ask any questions about my work, feel free to get in touch using the contact details.

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