When progressive ethereal music meets digital painting

Collaboration with music producers Emplicit and TSF

Undoubtedly, art (including visual arts, music, performance etc) is a universal language, communicating messages between people. Art creates a bridge not only between the artist and their audience, but also between artists themselves. Sometimes this takes the form of constructive dialogue, others comes through criticism and of course regularly breeds wonderful collaborations. I am lucky to be involved in such a collaboration with two amazing artists, music producers Emplicit and TSF.

The scope of work

Although the whole idea of working together started through a rather informal conversation, it concluded with some very interesting results, both in terms of music and painting. Emplicit and TSF were composing a track titled UpRooted (you can listen to it through the link below) and I was tasked with coming up with a relevant cover for their single.

The concept of the album cover

Up Rooted; from the very first moment the title shouted at me with clouds, and a tree free from leaves. It also felt that something in a relatively psychedelic pallet was appropriate. As I usually do, I created a digital draft, to visualise my first thoughts and communicate the concept of the design to the other members of the team. Somehow, this never made it onto a canvas, and a developed version of the digital painting became the finalised product. The picture above is the first draft, and the picture below is a sequence of gradually developing drafts. The finalised image comes at the end of this article, along with some information for the music producers and a link to the actual music track.

I hope you enjoy the music as much as I did and use it for inspiration while painting and sketching.

Some words from Emplicit

Emplicit produces electronic music straight from the depths of his spirit. The results can be polar opposites – from ethereal, psychedelic, dream-like liquid drum and bass; to aggressive, grinding, sci-fi inspired neurofunk. These opposites could be likened to yin-yang, for example, and represent the harmonious balance of opposite forces that make up each human.

Living as close to oneself as possible is incredibly important to Emplicit, who strives to represent feelings that are true to himself, and true to others, within his music.

Up-Rooted is a collaboration of three artists. The soundscape was designed to play homage to the progressive style of late 1990’s Intelligent Jungle (artists such as Photek and Source Direct). The patient and atmospheric sounds of this style are reiterated and developed on by Emplicit and T.S.F. This is reactionary to the instant gratification of modern society, as this work reminds us to be patient in order to achieve positivity in life.

The cover art is an excellent reflection of this concept. It also represents the idea of being rooted in the greater good, on the largest scale possible. We hope you enjoy the dreamy soundscapes and the skyscape concept art.

If you are an artist and you wish to explore a new collaboration, either by getting Emplicit’s music for your act, or getting a painting (digital or traditional) to cover your album get in touch.

If you wish to have one of my paintings hanging on your wall, get inspired and shop my work below.

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