Having a deep interest in art, that extends from technical aspects of painting and drawing to more theoretical considerations, I occasionally share opinions, views and experiences with you through short articles. Read below the latest published articles.

The Art of finding the perfect present

There are plenty of good reasons to give up on the usual present options, and have a look at buying original art. Make your friends and family happy by gifting something unique and timeless.

Making Art Progress, not Art Products

A fundamental distinction all developing artists need to know The title is a slight paraphrase of Tim Packer’s words, during one of his mentor-ship YouTube videos with Brooke Cormier. At first, it might not make much sense, however after letting it sink in for a while you will realise it is actually fundamental for any […]

The cell phone photography project

No matter what your art style is, staying creative and making an effort to develop and grow your skills is fundamental. In that direction setting yourself challenges can be beneficial and useful. See what Jo does to keep learning.

Tips for writing an Art Blog that people love

Build a community around your art work We recently explored the advantages of writing an art blog; it is true though that not all art blogs are equally successful. It takes some skill in writing, some good content, imaginative presentation and a few other bits and bobs to attract an audience. In this article we […]

Key reasons to start an art blog

Open new ways for your art Blogging is not easy. Making art is not easy either. Making art and blogging at the same time…well this is a challenge. And I ve been experiencing this for some time myself. There is though some strange force, pulling me to do it and I am sure if you […]

5+1 Ways to tell if your art is rubbish

The ugly truth Since you are reading this blog you are certainly involved with art in a way or another. As such, and no matter your skill level, you can’t deny this question has crossed your mind a few times: “How do I know if my art is good?”. Although there is no definitive answer to this, […]

The secret behind Inktober’s success

A phenomenon that started for fun Inktober started in 2009 by Jake Parker. It has since grown into a worldwide thing with thousands of artists taking up the challenge every year. The amount of beautiful ink drawings filling our social media feed is incredible; making this month very interesting artistically. What is the secret though […]

There is a number of older, published articles that touch on technical aspects of painting and drawing, as well as other considerations relevant to management and promotion of art.