Holidays in Greece

Inspiration and Motivation

Following a week’s wonderful holiday in Greece we are back to reality and daily work in the UK. This holiday inspired me and gave me motivation to continue with my work here at CHROMA.


An exciting visit to Acropolis, Athens and the state of the art Acropolis Museum reminded of the beauty of Ancient Greek architecture and how this ties in with the temperament of the modern Greek city life. Hopefully, I will be able to incorporate this feeling and experience in one of my following painting collections.


Being under the bright blue cloudless Greek sky for a few days boosted my motivation to continue with my Greek Island collection. Clear skies, bright sun and crystal water is what occupies my mind after this brief visit and I am looking forward to grabbing my brushes and putting this on a canvas.


During my leave I had the chance to get in touch with some very talented artists and the following weeks you will have the chance to see their work displayed in the Featured Artists section here on CHROMA.



Welcome back and get ready for more art!