JANE – 3

Jane 3

Life Drawing Session


This week the session ran very smoothly without any big surprises (except for the unbearable heat…there is not much you can do about it though). Our model, Jane again, got ready very quickly and we set up the first couple of poses in no time. The model did three short poses out of which we picked the most interesting one to be our long pose. The first two were standing poses and the third one was a sitting pose.

Step 1: Standing Poses

As mentioned, for the first two poses the model was standing. The tutor provided a small ply pier for the model to lean against. The well defined volume of the pier was very interesting actually in comparison with the much more “fluid” shape of the model. Also, for me it was the first time having a composition of a human figure with a considerably solid object.

During these two first poses I let myself free to experiment with different charcoal marks, I “broke” the rule of the light marks and I actually highlighted my sketches by pressing my charcoal stick a lot more than usually. I am actually very pleased with the shape, and flow of my lines here.

Step 2: Short Sitting Pose

In the last short pose we find the model sat one the ply pier. The pier was laid flat and Jane sat on it with one leg on the pier and the second touching the floor. Her hands were folded around her knee and her upper body was slightly leaning backwards. I tried to sketch quickly, paying some attention to proportions of limbs compared to the torso and the solid object. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the time to add tone, however I managed to draw some “contours” which help me visualise the volumes of the body. Obviously, in the final case these have to be erased.

Step 3: Long Pose

We spent the second half of the session working on the long pose. The majority decided that the third (sitting) pose was preferable . To be honest I wanted to draw one of the standing poses but that would have probably been a bit trickier for Jane. Anyway, I was quite happy with the standing pose too.

I generally did alright with this drawing. I managed to show the upper body structure leaning backwards. I also kept consistent with the body proportions and sizes. What I slightly got wrong was the model’s chest (the line between breasts). That was slightly off place but finally I observed a bit better and put it right.

Unfortunately, the head falls outside my page, however I made an effort to show as much as possible. I am quite happy as I got the volume right.

Step 4: The structure of the head

To practice my recently acquired knowledge on the structure of the skull, I decided to spend the last few minutes of the session quickly sketching Jane’s head. Of course the models head looks nothing like my sketches, however I am very happy I managed to get proportions, volume and relationship between different parts of the skull right. I ll keep practicing on that and hopefully next time I ll be able to sketch the head 3D (still not quite close to starting portraiture properly though….)

Brief Summary

Closing this session, I was quite please to have managed to sketch adequately and within time. I didn’t manage to add tone but I am ok with this as I spent some time sketching the head. I will try practicing the side of the head before next class and I will try to pick an angle where I can view the models side.

Until then have fun!

The Artist says:

“It is so amazing when you start studying the human anatomy before you go to the next class. You gain an understanding of how things work together and then instead of just sketching individual shapes and planes you understand how the body structure works as a whole!”



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