Life drawing in a pub

Julian – 5

Do you ever feel that you have been doing the same thing over and over again, that a change is needed, and you would like to challenge yourself meeting new people. Well, this week, I had the chance to try a different life drawing experience. A different venue, a different group of artists, a pint of beer to start with and a pint after we finished. This week I went for a life drawing session at the Curfew, Bath.

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Easily understanding the neck

Being able to draw the neck muscles accurately can instantly make a portrait look much more professional and complete. It is so easy to understand how to draw the neck properly that is literally a shame trying to “guess”. All you need is two points and five lines connecting them…simple as that.

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5 things beginner artists need

Start is tough; unless you know how to deal with it

Starting painting is tempting, however it is not very easy to keep yourself motivated after a few unsuccessful sessions. There are a few reasons why people give up, and there are a few ways to help you move forward. Being a beginner artist myself I understand that although improving the painting technique is a never-ending process, keeping yourself motivated is a matter of a few simple steps.

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An introduction to facial muscles

Looking natural is fundamental for any portrait that wants to be called “realistic”. To be able to achieve this, showing the skin creases or stretches is necessary. The best way to learn how to draw them accurately is by having at least a broad understanding of the structure of facial muscles. Since we are not aiming for “medical level” studies we will only quickly go through groups of facial muscles and follow a very simplistic method to draw and memorise them.


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Let your passion lead the way

If you are an artist and you have started or thought of starting a blog soon; chances are you will understand straightaway how I am feeling. I got the idea of starting an art blog a few months ago; it feels we have gone a long way since then. The initial intention was to just create a sort of online gallery where my latest paintings could be shown. However, as the months passed, the blog evolved into a process of digesting art and knowledge rather than just showing my work.


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How to draw a Skull in 3D

This article brings together knowledge from the last 2 tutorials dealing with the skull. However, we focus on the volume and perspective rather than details of sketching the face or the side of the skull (we dealt with those in detail here: IT’S ALL IN YOUR HEAD and THE BRIGHT SIDE). This is the last one of the “Skull” series and attempts to create a very simple and quick method of sketching the skull in 3 dimensions. While the previous articles helped you memorise the proportions of the skull and its various components, here we will see how all these things connect to each other and work together to form the skull.

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Life Drawing Sessions

A great way to challenge and teach yourself

If you have felt the urge to create and improve your artistic skills but doing so in the isolation of your room doesn’t feel tempting…be sure there are loads of people who feel the same way. After spending a few months working on my own, I eventually found something that worked very well for me and boosted my motivation.

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The Skull – Side

It is very cool being able to draw the front part of the skull; we used to do that since we were in school. If you want to understand though the volume of the skull, the structure of the bones and mainly how all these affect the proportions and arrangement of the facial features, then you really need to be looking at the side of the skull too. It is important to know what the proportions are and this is exactly what we are going to study today. As always, this drawing might not be 100% accurate, but it will definitely be a good starting point for you to understand and expand your knowledge in the long run.

37069946_1265074486959644_465367656506064896_n - Αντίγραφο

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Beginner artist? Here are some great news!


Working on something useful and exciting

As a beginner artist you most probably have inspiration and materials. What you lack though is skill and knowledge. Unless you follow a formal arts course, it can get very tricky to gather all the information you need to get you started. I have experienced that myself and requires loads of motivation to power through this first stage….and also some help!

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Human Anatomy

The Skull – Front

You are so into starting painting portraits but after trying a couple of times…things didn’t quite work. Yes, I know…I ve been there myself. Here you will find just the right amount of information to get you started – simplified, and easy to follow.

Why you should read this article

If you want to make some progress you need to follow a method; and trust me, there is no better tactic than understanding what lies underneath. Having a good grasp of the skull will help you gradually build your skill drawing and painting portraits.  In this article we will look at the structure of the front side of the skull (next article will be about the side view).

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