TESS – 3


Today was Tessa’s last week (she might be back though later this year – see previous sessions with Tess here TESS and here TESS – 2). I admit I went to class quite late and thus i almost missed the first short pose. I manage to work for about 2minutes on that (third picture below). Although I knew I wouldn’t have enough time to do a proper drawing I challenged myself and joined the others as quickly as possible. I am quite happy with the result.

After this rush, there were 2 more short poses about 5 minutes each (first and second picture below). Here I had slightly more time to work the shape and add some indicative tones. This was a good warm up for the following long pose.

As usual the long pose was carefully set up by the tutor so people could continue their sketches from previous weeks. As I have done previously, I changed my position completely so I can practice sketching from a different angle. Today I got a seat looking at the models back which despite having less detail to sketch, it was really interesting. I learned about the different planes that a person’s back forms and how the light is being affected by these planes (last two photos below and cover photo).

I am quite happy with my sketches this time. I see there is loads to improve, however it was the first time my tutor complimented my work! She commented on the back’s planes and the light reflection on those but generally she was happy with my development. Really looking forward to next life drawing session next week!

…it was the first time my tutor complimented my work!






28407451_1162363890564038_455176961_oThe Artist says:

“Since I joined the life drawing classes, I have really developed a completely different way of looking at the objects around me. I try to spot the details and I try to understand how different elements of an object affect the proportions, the shape and the tone. Studying the human body is quite challenging but really rewarding!




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TESS – 2


So…this was the second Monday  drawing Tess; she will be with us for one more week. Again, our tutor introduced us to the main subject of study…that was muscles around the breast, the shoulders and the shoulder blades. As usually the model posed for 3-5min in different positions highlighting how these muscles stretch and contract.

Following a short tea break we got back to class for the long pose which we agreed last week. Although I didn’t manage to complete my drawing last week, I decided to change position so I had the chance to practice looking from a different angle. As you have probably understood already my aim is not to create a portfolio of complete drawings at this stage, but to practice my drawing skills.


This week I was really pleased to reach even closer to a more complete result. I was happy to understand how the bones under and around the neck sit and how the muscles pull around the shoulders. Next week I ll focus even more on this (I ll be starting a new sketchpad anyway…you can see the lines from a previous quick sketch I had to erase as I ran out of paper…).

“…my aim is not to create a portfolio of complete drawings at this stage, but to practice my drawing skills.”

I understand there is plenty of work to be done  here, however in combination with practising on Busts I feel experience is building up.  If you have any feedback even at this very early stage I would be happy to hear!

28407451_1162363890564038_455176961_oThe Artist says:

“I recently decided to attend Life Drawing classes; all the work produced during these classes can be found in this collection.

The sketches here are not necessarily finalised pieces of work; this is not my intention anyway. This collection mainly aims to provide with a timeline showing how my work improves as I attend more and more classes. Hopefully, building up experience and skill will be reflected on the quality of my sketches.”


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After three long weeks of no drawing classes due to the Easter break, yesterday evening we gathered again at the Bath Artists Studios for another very fruitful session…with a new model this time!

Yesterday we had the chance to draw Tess, a young girl of medium height and with a well weighted body. Our tutor highlighted that the main focus during that session should be on the shape of the muscles when they stretch or they contract. The tutor asked Tess to do 3 short poses (about 5mins each) where she would either stretch her arms upwards or bend to the front so her back muscles have a more sculpted shape.

For the long pose the model was sat on a stool on a table. I had a very interesting position as this time my horizon (eyes level – read more here) was lower than my subject. Also, the crossed legs of the pose were a challenge for me, especially considering that the foreshortening of the front leg distorted slightly the proportions (see bottom photograph).

…the foreshortening of the front leg distorted slightly the proportions…

Unfortunately,  i didn’t have the time to complete the shape of the head or the tones in that area. However this should not be a problem as we will have the same model for the next two weeks. I managed to add tone to the body and that is a personal success as have recently struggled to complete a drawing within the time available during class. I am really looking forward to challenging myself the next weeks adding more detail to my work!

See work from previous sessions: LIFE DRAWING


28407451_1162363890564038_455176961_oThe Artist says:

“The life drawing classes I joined recently are getting on fine. It takes a lot of effort and practice but i believe that my hard work is being rewarded with slightly better shaped figures and added tone. Also, I have learned to use charcoal more effectively now and I think I wouldn’t go back to use of pencil for a larger scale drawing. Let’s see where this drawing trip takes us…



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