Tonight we had a new model; a middle aged woman, Sarah. She had a really thin and delicate figure and she mainly did poses on a chair. After 3 short poses of 5-10 min each we ended up with her sat on a stool. From my point of view there was a clear view of her face, breast and lap.

Also, today I managed to work a bit faster and finish the main shapes of her body on time allowing myself some time to experiment with tone! Here are the results:


28407451_1162363890564038_455176961_oThe Artist says:

“I recently decided to attend Life Drawing classes; all the work produced during these classes can be found in this collection.

The sketches here are not necessarily finalised pieces of work; this is not my intention anyway. This collection mainly aims to provide with a timeline showing how my work improves as I attend more and more classes. Hopefully, building up experience and skill will be reflected on the quality of my sketches.”


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