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Where all lines get lost…

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Right, in the previous article we made it clear that the horizon is directly connected to your eyes level. That means the higher you stand you will be able to see things from above and vice versa; you will be able to see things from below when you stand lower. How does this affect your drawings though?

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The lines tend to vanish as they go closer to the horizon. You can imagine the horizon as a big linear hoover that sucks the lines of your drawings. EVERYTHING has to vanish into your horizon. And this applies even to the objects that are very close to yourself. Even these gradually vanish in to the horizon. Lines can be interrupted before they actually reach the horizon ie. the small carton box standing in front of you doesn’t need to reach your horizon line to vanish, however the extension of its lines will do reach.



Of course “vanishing into the horizon” is quite a vague phrase and everyone can interpret in various different ways. In reality perspective follows specific rules and the easiest way to understand it is by using the “vanishing points”. The vanishing points attract all lines of the drawing – this is where your lines actually vanish. A drawing can have 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 vanishing points. Working with 2 vanishing points is a good start for a beginner and once you master this you can easily start using 3 points.


Now lets grab some paper, a pencil and a rubber and start drawing in perspective. Move to the next article:

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