Key reasons to start an art blog

Open new ways for your art

Blogging is not easy. Making art is not easy either. Making art and blogging at the same time…well this is a challenge. And I ve been experiencing this for some time myself. There is though some strange force, pulling me to do it and I am sure if you read the list below and spend some time thinking about it; you will quickly see my point. Running an art blog is quite a task, however there are some advantages that totally make it worth your time and effort. Why would you start an art blog then?

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How to make time for art, daily

5 Steps bringing you closer to art

If you are not a professional full time artist, you have most probably struggled at some stage to make time for art. Our daily routine can sometimes be tough and leave no space for anything else than work, family or other obligations. On the other hand, if you are reading this, it means that art provides you with a good shelter of relaxation and expression; and thus it is an important part of your life. How can we find the right balance though and incorporate art in our life daily? Well, it is not too complicated!

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5 things beginner artists need

Start is tough; unless you know how to deal with it

Starting painting is tempting, however it is not very easy to keep yourself motivated after a few unsuccessful sessions. There are a few reasons why people give up, and there are a few ways to help you move forward. Being a beginner artist myself I understand that although improving the painting technique is a never-ending process, keeping yourself motivated is a matter of a few simple steps.

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Let your passion lead the way

If you are an artist and you have started or thought of starting a blog soon; chances are you will understand straightaway how I am feeling. I got the idea of starting an art blog a few months ago; it feels we have gone a long way since then. The initial intention was to just create a sort of online gallery where my latest paintings could be shown. However, as the months passed, the blog evolved into a process of digesting art and knowledge rather than just showing my work.


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